Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ahoy, matey!

Quite the literal interpretation of an outfit here. Wearing another of my (too many) sale purchases. 
A dungaree, pretty comfy piece of garment. Takes me back to my childhood, that seems pretty far away. Another country, another life. Sometimes I wonder how my life would have been if we didn't came to Europe. Much less exciting, I guess. Everyone who moved must know that feeling of emptiness, especially if you can't go back, like I do. I do get nostalgic once in a while. I do hope to be able to visit my birth country soonish. Uzbekistan has the best Summers, by the way!

Pretending not to be an adult just for a while is nice, isn't it?!

Wearing: Zara dungarees and sandals, 1 2 3 top, c/o Swatch watch.

And another meme, since they tend to be popular with you, guys :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Yes, we've been experiencing one. I'm actually glad. I love hot Summers, but Belgium is mostly known for crappy ones. I'm afraid that after this one the 'meh' weather will take over again, but we'll see.

I had the best weekend! I went to the sea side to visit bestie. We drank cocktails, went out (got hit on by a loot of lame guys), went to the sea and out to eat. The day after me, the boyf went out to swim and cruise around on a rubber boat. Good timez! Baking at work and at home these two days, was less fun, but at least I could catch up on some sleeping and Mad Men.

I wore this outfit for sea + swimming outing. Simple, but still eye catching. You've seen the shorts in the previous post, the top is also from the sales. I'm so into tops like this one at the moment!

Wearing: JBC top, Zara shorts, Black Balloon necklace, unkwnown old sandals, c/o Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sale Haul

It's that time of the year again, Summer sales. Everybody knows it. I love sales, I don't mind the sea of mad people, I can go that extra mile for a bargain and yes, sales can get dirty. This year I also got to experience the sales at the other. As I work in retail, I get the full experience of people throwing things on the floor and shizz like that. I don't really get it, to me it's the same as coming to another person's home and start to throw things on the floor and stepping on them. People should learn some manners!
So it's totally the month when I get irritated 1000 times more.

Anyhow, I scored some stuff too. Mostly for my Autumn (all year around in Belgium) wardrobe as I will get to wear it more than the Summer stuff. I purposely chose the items I know I'll wear a lot. I'm totally over impulsive buys at this moment. I think twice whether I really need another item and how I would combine it. 


I'm a sweater freak, I love an oversized sweater. Perfect for everyday with sneakers or biker boots. Also a leather jacket collector. This classic, long jacket caught my eye a while ago and I couldn't resist it. Perfect basic item! New sandals, I really needed a pair, as the ones that I own are already years old!

A nice simple dungaree. Pretty multi functional. The broccoli is from the IKEA, couldn't resist it. Wanted it for so long. Inner child isn't dead yet.

The Summer stuff, because we're actually having one now. Totally taking these items to the beach this weekend!


And finally today's purchases. I have extremely difficult feat when it comes to shoes, so I prefer the more expensive options, that don't kill them. I was looking for new wedge sneakers for a while, but nothing did it for me. These are actually gray and not as white as they appear. The 'Serafini' brand was unknown to me, but they have quite a lot of choice when it comes to wedge sneakers and some other pretty shoes. Totally going to keep my eyes open for it.
The fuchsia Tod's loafers were more of an impulse buy, they were too pretty not to take home. Total adoration!

I'll be heading to Antwerp for the (hopefully) last round of sales shopping. My poor bank account is slipping into a coma about now. I'll be saving up for the house renovations from the next month, no more shopping!

What did you buy at the sales?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Live in the moment

I planned this post to be light, mostly telling about how obsessed I'm with my new Asos dress and how wonderful my weekend was, but this day has been kind of bittersweet. As the rest of the world I heard of passing of Cory Monteith, it was actually the first thing on my Facebook feed, I was still in bed. 
Life is unexpected, that's for sure. I'm actually a Glee fan so I was very shocked. I didn't knew about his addiction until today, so I was surprised. As the cause of death is still unknown, the pattern remains somehow classic, a hotel room... Another proof that drugs aren't to be messed with. Glee has been a remarkable show, speaking about important subjects in a light tone. Yeah, I'm a sucker for musicals. My heart breaks imagining how Lea Michele must feel right now, losing her soon to be husband, after all they've been through. He was only 31, the same age as my boyfriend. 
I won't lie, these things scare me so much. Life can just snap every moment. 

Same as happened with Trayvon Martin, who just minded his own business walking outside one evening wearing a hoodie, on him a bag of skittles and some tea, when shot dead by an obsessed neighborhood watcher. Tray was only 17 years old at the time. Today was the final day of the trial and the shooter was acquitted (found not guilty) of second degree murder, claiming it was self-defense...

Sometimes I don't know what to make of it, I don't even start about the wars and the poverty and all the other horrible things in life. I try not to obsess too much, but it's a good thing to stand still and think for a moment, appreciate life and people around you more. Live in the moment.

I purposely keep this blog light hearted, but it's not bad to be serious at times, so rather than telling you how much I love my new dress in zillion words, this. 

Wearing: Asos dress, All Stars Converse sneakers, Fashionology necklace, Twice As Nice ring, Enrico Benetti bag, c/o Prada sunglasses.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The lazy diaries

Yet again I'm apologizing for being absent here, more to myself, guilty conscious is a bitch, yah know?!
I've been busy working and recovering from it in my free days. Long days at work make me so lazy.
I swear I must have been a sloth in my past life. The blog name is quite pretty inaccurate, I was never an insomniac, more of the opposite. I spent most of my weekend tanning in the yard, watching True Blood and Dexter and eating Jelly Beans. Yes, life is good! Sunday we briefly went to Sjock Festival to see Rival Sons, yet again, they were great! I kind of skipped the outfit post part too. Terrible, I knowz.

But, don't start panicking yet, I have another outfit post from previous weekend still waiting. A pretty example of me being lazy. A kimono, skinnies and some kitten heels + very low on accessories. I wore it to grab dinner, no fuzz for me, but still pretty dressed up for an average Belgian citizen.
A little filter to make it a bit brighter and tadaaah!

Wearing: H&M kimono and ring, c/o G-Star Raw skinny jeans, Zara pumps.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Die Antwoord to EVRTHNG

Yesterday it was time for the first festival of the year. Unlike every other year I didn't go to Graspop (cries a little), cause the line-up wasn't great and I already saw the most bands anyway. Instead me and Annebeth went to see Die Antwoord at Couleur Café. I've never been to CC and have never saw Die Antwoord live. I must say I liked the atmosphere of the festival, most of all it's relaxed vibe. 

We were veeery excited to see Die Antwoord play and wanted a good spot to watch the show, but before it even started, we were already jammed 'sardine style' between a mass of people. When the show started it became even worse, though we had fun, it became very annoying and possibly health threatening when a large group of drunk 'male' species decided to fuck it up for everybody. We decided to leave and watch from outside of the tent, but not before I threatened one guy and kicked another, twice. Yeah, I tend to be a bit aggressive at times. As we could see from the outside, the tent was PACKED, there it was, the major mistake of the organization of not letting Die Antwoord play at the main stage. The view from outside the tent was much shittier, but at least we didn't get crushed to death.

As for the show, it was magnificent!! I could've danced all night. The beats were blasting, Ninja was sharp, Yolandi was her perfect little self. Nothing but respect for them I hope next time they'll be playing a venue or at least open air! 
Next week I'll be going to another festival, Sjock Rock, too see Rival Sons. This is truly the year of great gigs!

And zis is what I worez yesterdayz.

Rediscovered this patent leather jacket in my closet this week. Totally digging it, even with the 'sauna effect' it provides. 

Wearing: Wonder Woman jacket, H&M top, necklace, ring & bracelets, c/o G-Star Raw skinny, Ebay sneakers.

Tupac, another artist I love, too bad I'll never got the chance to see him.

My wedge sneakers really need a replacement, the sole of my left shoe is a bit deformed, so walking in them is not really comfortable anymore. Too bad, cause I really like them. I'll be looking for a new pair in the sales.

Some instagram shots from yesterday. To see more, including some jolly videos check out our Instagrams insomnia_heart & stylingdutchman