Wednesday, June 26, 2013

When everything else fails, choose Black.

Last Friday I went to the annual show of the fashion department of Ghent academy, KASK. I once studied there and now my bestie is going through the same. I mostly went to support her. It was nice to see some familiar faces too. I was not really impressed by the show. There were a few eye catchers, but all in all it was dull, more of the same things year after year. Just two master collections, which tells enough about the state in which the department is at, at the moment. Maybe next year will be better? Who knows...

Anyhow, this is what I wore, sans the heels, as I came straight from work, I wore flats. My dress, which I absolutely adore, is from H&M trend. Together with a jaguar top, my first sale purchases.
I'm kind of scared of the approaching sale season, as my wishlist is kind of endless. 
The dress could be also perfect in a more 20's style setting. I'm thinking a grande Gatsby party. Anyone?!

Wearing: H&M Trend dress, H&M shoes, Black Balloon earrings, Michael Kors watch, Fossil bracelet.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rituals store opening

This Wednesday I finally made a trip to Antwerp again, since I started working I haven't had much time to do, well, anything. I had a day off and Annebeth and me went for a little shopping spree and afterwards to the opening of the new Rituals store. It was one of those rare (cause the weather is usually SHITTY here) warm Summer days. It was nice to be out and sweaty. The Rituals store was packed with beautiful products and lots of people and there was SUSHI. Sun, sushi and Rituals = favorite things!

Don't let the pictures fool you, it was hot! I wore a breezy outfit. I like the bohemian feel of the silk shirt and maxi, without actually being bohemian. Can you follow? 

Wearing: Zara shirt and skirt, Converse All Stars sneakers, c/o Ray-Ban Aviator sunnies, Fashionology necklace, Michael Kors watch, Fossil bracelet.

I took the piggy home btw.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dollars & bling

The name of the post suggests a lot more swag, but in reality it's me in my beloved Jeremy Scott blouse and my new Zara gem necklace. You can always imagine me as a kinky, gold digger secretary, depends on how dirty your imagination is.

I hope you missed me, you better, it's been a whole week since I blogged. I've been busy working and I'm always home late and tired, but since I'm my own boss, I can do the hell I want. 
Next week will be more work, but also some fun stuff and two eventzzz. Been ages since I went to any, so I'm excited.

Here're the pics, fresh, from this afternoon. It was raining, so we moved to the veranda.

Wearing: Jeremy Scott blouse, Vintage leather skirt, Zara necklace & shoes.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

From Lana to Rihanna

My previous post was about the Lana Del Rey concert. This week I went to see Rihanna. I wanted her to see for many years, but it never happened. I knew what I was getting myself into, that she isn't a great live singer and such. Same thing was said about Lana, but look how that turned out to be one of the best shows I have ever seen (and I've seen quite a lot). 
Unfortunately Rihanna's show was everything I expected it to be. As my friend arrived quite early, we could later move to the front of what is the biggest Belgium venue, Sportpaleis. We chose not to stand trapped between people, but move to the side of the stage where was quite a lot of space. The show started 40 minutes too late, but the previous day it was an hour, so I felt optimistic. 

You know that feeling when you see a band or artist whom you love live for the first time, that unique excitement? Well, that was as good as absent this time. I was surprised... The song started with her sitting on her knees, singing 'Mother Mary', a beautiful moment of sentiment, but people were just snapping pictures the whole time. After that we got the dirty girl Riri, she came up, all fly and pretty, surrounded by a group of very cool lady dancers. I must acknowledge her dance moves and beauty, she has the tiniest waist. I was standing about 10 meteres when she was in the middle of the stage and about 6 when she came to our side. A bit surreal, but still, she couldn't have been further away. As she did her routine of dirty moves an outfit changes the one thing remained, the back track to every song. She talked or sang a few words when she felt like it. That way it looked like a bizarre karaoke show. She didn't have crazy dance routines à la Beyonce, she just did her relaxed swag thing, so singing could have been possible. She just didn't feel like it. A bit of a waste of 65 euros there. 

Another mistake was the set list set-up. I know all the songs, but most people didn't, so it remained relatively quite for 2/3 of the show in a giant, sold-out venue. She talked a bit to the audience, and repeated 'Antwerp' at least 25 times, but it didn't feel as sincere as with Lana or Gaga. All in all she felt distant and not approachable. Only during the slower songs her wall briefly dropped. She dedicated her tortured ballads to love 'That can be some fucked up shit', she said. In that moment we could see that vulnerable young woman, hurt one time too many. The last part of the show was better, the hits were banging, the audience was finally alive.

All in all, I still love her image and music, but I'm left with a feeling of discontent and bitterness. It could have been so much better, but the effort wasn't there. Maybe Paris or London shows have been better, who knows... Riri has a great time of producers behind her, making albums 'factory style', nice to listen to, but there's definitely some work to do for the 'live' shows. 

This is what I wore to the show. Personally love this look. Never thought I'd be sporting a bare midriff ever again. Now I'm kinda into it! And after years of being on my wishlist, I finally got me these Converse babies. Been wearing them non-stop ever since.

Wearing: Zara shirt, H&M New Icons skirt, H&M necklace, All Stars Converse sneakers, c/o Ray-Ban sunglasses, Fashionology friendship bracelets, Michael Kors watch.

Baby Jamie wanted to participate too.

And to close this, some news. I finally got myself a new smart phone, which I'm currently addicted to.
You can now follow me on instagram for the full experience

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lana Lovin

Last Friday me, Annebeth & Naomi finally had our little reunion. I haven't seen them since Halloween, with our totes busy schedules and all. And it was a total blast, because it was no regular day, we went to see Lana Del Rey! First we prepped up in Annebeth's bathroom (total teenage feeling), took outfit pictures and were on our way. We were a bit skeptical about the show, 'cause Lana's vocal range is like a rollercoaster, not always a pleasant ride. But that Friday night, she was on FIRE! The whole show was pure magic and by the end of the first song I was ready to marry her. She effortlessly switched between high en low notes and looked so laid back, sexy and confident. This was definitely the best possible version of Lana.
Another highlight was the attention that she gave her fans. During and at the end of the show, she took her time to greet, chat and take pictures with fans in the front and she even looked like she enjoyed it. She had to, because people tore her apart at some moments, touching her hair and face (I'd go berserk). Some next level shit, I tell ya!

Nothing but respect and total adoration for her. She does have it all. I won't be lying when I say I want to be her, even if just for a little while. She is the personification of the American Dream of 21st century and I love her!

And this is what I wore that day. I lost the flower headband (started to lose the flowers, need to put them on glue) and heels and just wore Annebeth's All Stars for the comfort.

Wearing: Pretty In Punk Mohair sweater, H&M pants, ASOS heels, DIY headband, Primark earrings, Michael Kors watch, Twice As Nice ring, Fossil bracelet.

Purple eyelashes for the win!


Pictures by Naomi, Annebeth & Filip

Lana the lovely (via de Morgen)