Sunday, September 13, 2015

Union Jack and working out

What's up with this dramatic drop of temperature?! I'm used to a few transition weeks, but I guess it's not for this year. The thought of my Mexican holiday is keeping me sane. I'm dreaming about those white beaches and blue ocean. It's a bit less than two months to go, so rather than let myself loose as I tend to do during cold times, I need to start working on that beach body. I'm so ashamed, as I haven't been to the gym since my return from Greece, which is two months ago already! Yes, I have a membership, luckily it's only basic fit, but everything I build up working out in the first semester of the year is now long gone. I've just been so tired working and home so late that I don't have the will or the strength to hit the gym. The whole thing that you get energized from your work out only works for me when I'm well into the routine and I'm so far out of it that it even hurts to think about working out, so I just keep on postponing it. My next goal is to go next weekend ;)

In the meantime Fall wardrobe is back into rotation for me it's good balance between pieces I've been wearing for a few seasons and some new once I'm adding. One of these are the most comfortable Chelsea boots I ordered from Asos, they're genuine leather and were just 27 euros! I'm sure this will be a pair I wear until they are destroyed. The funny thing is, I never even had Chelsea boots. Definitely convinced now.
Which Fall items are you excited about?

Wearing: The Kooples sweater, H&M trend skirt, Asos chelsea boots, Chanel bag, Michael Kors earrings.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Summer moments

Ah, Summer, my favorite season is coming to an end again. As always it was too short and too cold at times. I'd be a much happier person if we just would have a warmer climate. This Summer I worked hard, but also had some very nice moments. I miss the Summer's when I was still studying, so you could do what the hell you wanted for two, three months, but as long as you have your friends around you, you still can make those memories. When going through my phone I found some nice pictures of this Summer, still have a load of pictures I need to print and will definitely include these into the selection. I'm still a sucker for these classic photo albums. You can just reminisce when you open such an album.

Today we had a warm day again, so we just relaxed and read in the yard. In Belgium you never know what will await you, weather wise, it might be one of the last warm days, but in this case we still have our Mexican holiday to look forward to in November.

How was your Summer, guys?


Sunse over Antwerp at a friend's roof terrace.

Ice cold, bling is da shit!

Sunny moments  with my lover and a kick-ass boat


Giant burger at Hard Rock Café Brussels, my first time visiting.

B-day party of ab fab Annebeth, 4 out of 5 are bloggers in this picture, but most of all friends. I think we make a perfect girl squad.

Annebeth (middle) = Styling Dutchman
Naomi (upper right corner) = Canon Girl
Vicky (lower right corner) = Disco me to Oblivion

Rocking feather stoles with Naomi.

Latest Lana song 'High By the Beach' is definitely a new anthem and perfect soundtrack to Summer.


Summer, I miss you already


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